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So. Sydney.

My last night in Parkes(on the Thursday), was quite eventful. I even saw a few 16 year olds with a pram at 1 am… with a black baby in it. Not being racist, but come on?? That is out of the ordinary, you don’t see three 16 year olds drunk, walking the main streets, with a black baby in a pram very often eh?

Now I have to admit, I enjoyed a very seedy morning on Friday, standing up trying to regain my balance and memory. I realise, shit. I’m going back to Sydney today? A sense of excitement rushed through my frontal lobe, further causing pain, to my already alcohol induced trauma of the brain, which leads to my ritual of, “I’m never drinking again” or “what happened last night?”.

But its far from excitement, that i feel for Sydney today, This weekend alone, i got verbally and physically abused by few red head feminists on the train and told to “go back to your own country” which i find strange because their obvious bogan clay face ways are beyond this world, alien really, and i nearly fell on the train tracks. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! I felt like i was at a rooster farm converted into a nightclub on Saturday, which would explain the amount of cocks, so disappointing.

But what’s even more disappointing, is how bored i am, yes I’m not working till January but it seems that the rush of excitement, the pain of that rush, was all an anti-climax, a soft-on as I’d call it. I hope the rest of my holidays are filled with much more amusement, so at least i find my own life entertaining, not just you guys.

Ahhh, well i know you’d have to agree, I cannot wait for new years, all the drinking, the partying, “woo’ing” the massive count down, or even holding your friends hair up while they continue to wrench their already empty guts, Don’t expect me to remember my new years and write it on my blog! but fingers crossed! So have a merry Christmas ( if that’s your religious point of view) and have a happy new year! Drink merrily, not “feraly”.

Yours the bored, abused one,

Alexander Vince

My last day of thinking

So its my last day in Parkes, fuck is it hot out here, I’ve been sweating “till sweat drips down my balls”! I’ve spent my afternoon drinking milo and handing in Californication season one back to the video store, having some drinks with old friends, and laying some old school rock tracks in the beer garden creating a ruckus!

I have to admit, I’m actually going to miss this country town, even though the answer to my profuse search hasn’t miraculously come to me, it’s given me a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to drink. It hasn’t occurred to me until now how little time you get to think in such a hustle and bustled city like Sydney, where life is surrounded by education, responsibilities, going out, constantly yearning to enjoy yourself, and not looking at the little things but instead rushing and rushing, and of course rushing again. But at the same time, i admit i enjoy Sydney, quite a bit, the center of my corruption really.

After my last night in Parkes, I’m most probably going to conjure up another post before bed, if not, well don’t take it harshly, I’m most probably busy “entertaining” the opposite sex.

Yours the thinker and entertainer

Alexander Vince

Shit happens so get used to it.

After an hour of clipping photos together into a massive collage for my desktop, on my colourful laptop, and seeing the end result, a sense of happiness appeared, out of nowhere, one which i haven’t experienced for a while, which made me think, hey fuck it i am utterly disorganised why stick to a plan? Have you ever planned to plan?

So i think my past should stay the past, i will let you in on my life as it goes, and when the time suits i will tell you a story or five hundred…

Many of you would have to agree, “shit happens”, except there is a minority which have the advantage of ignorance, and i would have to agree “ignorance is bliss”.

Yet ignorance doesn’t help when your foreskin tears, and you have never bled so much in your life. I know what your thinking, it would be along the lines of “What the fuck”, well I’ll spare you of the pleasantries, but i have to admit, even though i was looking at the pool of blood on the bed, as well as the ever so bleeding phallus of mine, and blood soaked hands, i wasn’t so bothered, i believe the lovely girl in question was more so bothered, and quite apologetic… but to be honest, i rather myself quite happy to be in company of such a beautiful young lady. which is why the title of this blog relates to this story so much, shit definitely happened, and i definitely got used to it(especially the pain, and blue balls that accompanied it).

Now its 3.20 am on a Tuesday morning, another sleepless night i must say, but tonight, i have talked much of life, death, and love, with a long known friend and lover. Where she has both loved and lost family and friends, she has but surrendered hope even when it nears Christmas, this is when during our long and devoted conversation a question occurred. “Have you ever thought in the end whose eyes will you last be looking into before you move on?” I have to admit i was stumped, i don’t think anybody can tell you that, nor can you tell yourself, but i have to say when my loving grandfather passed away, it was his loyal and loving wife my nan, that was at his side, hopefully the last person he saw before he finally retired his shining armour.

Now i do believe my post tonight has become momentarily a little down, but with an amazing life comes death, and sometimes you just have to get “used to it” to put it bluntly, not to say you shouldn’t mourn, but i am extremely definantly sure that the person you mourn would never want you to be so unhappy.

On a happier note with only a few more days left, i do believe Parkes has shown me a wonderful group of people, a definite time well spent, and has changed me for the better.

Now i leave you with a statement which i hope you try to decipher to mean something, for example “ignorance”, “stupidity” and so forth, but say your reasons why..

“i see said the blind man, to the deaf man”

Yours who got used to it and still trying,

Alexander Vince

Good morning, good afternoon or goodnight

So here’s my blog, yes i understand many of you will acquit yourselves from reading it, singularly due to a belief that i am but a novice, a learner in fact, which is true as this is my first post, i don’t expect many to read but here it goes…

With the first of many…

I was originally born in England, raised in Belgium, and moved to Australia at the start of this ending decade of terror, “fight” for democracy, tragedy and so forth… But currently i am a newly made barmen, in a place called Parkes in Australia, you will find it on Google maps in this link:,148.183594&spn=39.416185,101.25&z=4 

Its a small country town with a population of 10,000 people, give or take a thousand, i have been here for the last two weeks and five days to be approximate, but my home town would be the tourist destination, traffic jammed, hustle and bustled big city of Australia, Sydney. Yes i know i am extremely displaced in Parkes, when you compare it to a four million or more population of people in Sydney, the curiosity behind such a drastic change is simply to experience the country life of Australia, as well as giving myself time to think about the big choices life, seems to be offering these days.

To quote Hugh Macleod, its a “big, wide world”, but that’s the thing, what can a 20 year old immature male, perceive as his life long dreams or goals when society itself these days seems so lost? Cut between a seductive and side-tracking social life and responsibilities like getting an education, a good paying job and well what can i say i have hopeful parents who have lived life with partial regrets, and stow them upon their own flesh and bone children, for which i fear i shall be the only disappointment. As for those who may read this and believe i am an ignorant person who doesn’t understand the kind family support that my parents have offered, are in the wrong. I do recognise such support but the world has changed, people from one side of the world are but a mouse click away from the other, and compared to the world my parents grew up in, it is almost beyond belief, which leads the youth including myself to question “what could they possibly know?” But equally i don’t ignore the advice of my parents, because i admit that there are still experiences that hold importance which light the way for many youth, as well as the beliefs of our parents such as hard work, respect, honesty and to Quote Clash “Rock The Kasbah” which translates to the young as Party hard, as history can tell from Woodstock to the famous rock gods that our parents praised such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Nirvana, Boston, Jimi Hendrix, The Animals, The Eagles, ACDC, Midnight Oil, U2, and many more, that even our parents knew about the “seductive and side-tracking social life”.

Well you get the story about my confusion with my future life, its fucked up eh?

As far as i know I’m in a rut, with a broken compass, so i might as well enjoy myself while I’m here.

If you ever asked one of my friends, whether i was a relationship type, they would laugh at you, I’m not calling myself an arsehole or completely incapable of maintaining a relationship, but a string of failed relationships, bringing grief and frustration to both me and the opposite sex ended with most of my ex-girlfriends labelling me as an arsehole. Hey if you haven’t been insulted or been thrown a profuse amount of harsh words or solid objects from the opposite sex, then you haven’t experienced a well needed lesson, right?

Now it’s 2.07 Am in my corner of the world, and for the last couple of weeks in Parkes, i have found sleep to be a choice rather then a needed option, which i know i will suffer inevitably every time i wake up for work, but my mind is plagued with stories of my life, with a self urge for me to write them all, which brings us to the title of my blog, “Lust, Inevitably leads to loneliness, or something like that.” Don’t worry this isn’t some porno erotica fantasy story, its but a blog, containing episodes of both my highest, and lowest moments, as well as the grey area in-between, all adding up to be my life.

So if you are at all entertained or enticed, feel free to read my blog or advise otherwise, as i will try to write the story of my life as much as i can beginning with my rebellious defilement 5 years ago….

Yours for the first day

Alexander Vince

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