Lust, Inevitably Leads To Loneliness Or Something Like That.

My Life Stories, From the highest to the lowest, and the grey area crap inbetween that forms my life so far…

So. Sydney.

My last night in Parkes(on the Thursday), was quite eventful. I even saw a few 16 year olds with a pram at 1 am… with a black baby in it. Not being racist, but come on?? That is out of the ordinary, you don’t see three 16 year olds drunk, walking the main streets, with a black baby in a pram very often eh?

Now I have to admit, I enjoyed a very seedy morning on Friday, standing up trying to regain my balance and memory. I realise, shit. I’m going back to Sydney today? A sense of excitement rushed through my frontal lobe, further causing pain, to my already alcohol induced trauma of the brain, which leads to my ritual of, “I’m never drinking again” or “what happened last night?”.

But its far from excitement, that i feel for Sydney today, This weekend alone, i got verbally and physically abused by few red head feminists on the train and told to “go back to your own country” which i find strange because their obvious bogan clay face ways are beyond this world, alien really, and i nearly fell on the train tracks. But the excitement doesn’t stop there! I felt like i was at a rooster farm converted into a nightclub on Saturday, which would explain the amount of cocks, so disappointing.

But what’s even more disappointing, is how bored i am, yes I’m not working till January but it seems that the rush of excitement, the pain of that rush, was all an anti-climax, a soft-on as I’d call it. I hope the rest of my holidays are filled with much more amusement, so at least i find my own life entertaining, not just you guys.

Ahhh, well i know you’d have to agree, I cannot wait for new years, all the drinking, the partying, “woo’ing” the massive count down, or even holding your friends hair up while they continue to wrench their already empty guts, Don’t expect me to remember my new years and write it on my blog! but fingers crossed! So have a merry Christmas ( if that’s your religious point of view) and have a happy new year! Drink merrily, not “feraly”.

Yours the bored, abused one,

Alexander Vince

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