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My last day of thinking

So its my last day in Parkes, fuck is it hot out here, I’ve been sweating “till sweat drips down my balls”! I’ve spent my afternoon drinking milo and handing in Californication season one back to the video store, having some drinks with old friends, and laying some old school rock tracks in the beer garden creating a ruckus!

I have to admit, I’m actually going to miss this country town, even though the answer to my profuse search hasn’t miraculously come to me, it’s given me a lot of time to think, and a lot of time to drink. It hasn’t occurred to me until now how little time you get to think in such a hustle and bustled city like Sydney, where life is surrounded by education, responsibilities, going out, constantly yearning to enjoy yourself, and not looking at the little things but instead rushing and rushing, and of course rushing again. But at the same time, i admit i enjoy Sydney, quite a bit, the center of my corruption really.

After my last night in Parkes, I’m most probably going to conjure up another post before bed, if not, well don’t take it harshly, I’m most probably busy “entertaining” the opposite sex.

Yours the thinker and entertainer

Alexander Vince

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2 thoughts on “My last day of thinking

  1. coincidently i began watching Californication yesterday and to be completely honest i imagine you to be somewhat like Hank

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