Lust, Inevitably Leads To Loneliness Or Something Like That.

My Life Stories, From the highest to the lowest, and the grey area crap inbetween that forms my life so far…

Shit happens so get used to it.

After an hour of clipping photos together into a massive collage for my desktop, on my colourful laptop, and seeing the end result, a sense of happiness appeared, out of nowhere, one which i haven’t experienced for a while, which made me think, hey fuck it i am utterly disorganised why stick to a plan? Have you ever planned to plan?

So i think my past should stay the past, i will let you in on my life as it goes, and when the time suits i will tell you a story or five hundred…

Many of you would have to agree, “shit happens”, except there is a minority which have the advantage of ignorance, and i would have to agree “ignorance is bliss”.

Yet ignorance doesn’t help when your foreskin tears, and you have never bled so much in your life. I know what your thinking, it would be along the lines of “What the fuck”, well I’ll spare you of the pleasantries, but i have to admit, even though i was looking at the pool of blood on the bed, as well as the ever so bleeding phallus of mine, and blood soaked hands, i wasn’t so bothered, i believe the lovely girl in question was more so bothered, and quite apologetic… but to be honest, i rather myself quite happy to be in company of such a beautiful young lady. which is why the title of this blog relates to this story so much, shit definitely happened, and i definitely got used to it(especially the pain, and blue balls that accompanied it).

Now its 3.20 am on a Tuesday morning, another sleepless night i must say, but tonight, i have talked much of life, death, and love, with a long known friend and lover. Where she has both loved and lost family and friends, she has but surrendered hope even when it nears Christmas, this is when during our long and devoted conversation a question occurred. “Have you ever thought in the end whose eyes will you last be looking into before you move on?” I have to admit i was stumped, i don’t think anybody can tell you that, nor can you tell yourself, but i have to say when my loving grandfather passed away, it was his loyal and loving wife my nan, that was at his side, hopefully the last person he saw before he finally retired his shining armour.

Now i do believe my post tonight has become momentarily a little down, but with an amazing life comes death, and sometimes you just have to get “used to it” to put it bluntly, not to say you shouldn’t mourn, but i am extremely definantly sure that the person you mourn would never want you to be so unhappy.

On a happier note with only a few more days left, i do believe Parkes has shown me a wonderful group of people, a definite time well spent, and has changed me for the better.

Now i leave you with a statement which i hope you try to decipher to mean something, for example “ignorance”, “stupidity” and so forth, but say your reasons why..

“i see said the blind man, to the deaf man”

Yours who got used to it and still trying,

Alexander Vince

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15 thoughts on “Shit happens so get used to it.

  1. SnooSnoo on said:

    Hey there, good to see you’re doing well. Badass writing style ahaha
    Next time you’re in town I’ll buy ya a beer ay.
    Best of luck in the future man.

  2. do you dare to let this lover of yours know how you really feel and how can you have a lover after you have oathed not to be a relationship type of guy ?

    • okay first of all, she knows i have sex whenever the situation arises, aswell as me not being the “relationship type of guy”. so what do you mean how i really feel? i don’t hide anything let alone, lie about things so i don’t have anything to worry about, besides std’s, that could really fuck a person up.

    • i haven’t oathed, i said my friends have said so. i just choose not to be in one fore a very long time..

      • Why love her then does she love you enough to stand back and keep quiet because no girl I know would allow a lover to be as free as you seem to be I am not trying to sound arrogant I am just expressing pure concern

      • By lover i don’t mean girlfriend… i mean a casual sex partner. haha its okay, its good to show concern, i want to know peoples opinions on everything i write.

      • casual sex partner I think she is too good to you be careful as if it were me I would have left you by now

      • and you think i keep her to myself? i tell her to move on. well obviously you know me very well 🙂

      • I would of left me by now aswell 🙂

      • if you want her to leave you must not love her

      • wow your really serious about this arn’t you hahah
        you know what, next time i get to write a blog i’ll let you in on my relationships and what i’ve advised and said?
        what i said was a joke before “i would leave me aswell”, but she has her own wants and likes, and her own decisions she must make as an individual, as she has free choice as does everybody else, and she has her own reasons, ever thought she was using me? 🙂

  3. Jenna Schijf on said:

    Very insightful Alex.
    This may only work for some people, but I abide by it: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
    You have a great style of writing and I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming posts 🙂

  4. Steph-Alyce on said:

    You’re blogs are awesome alex 🙂
    you’re an amazing writer and should be proud 🙂
    now that u showed me how to post comments i thought i would leave you one 🙂
    keep up the writing 🙂 pure talent
    love steph.

  5. HAHAH ive seeen your penis 🙂

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