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A Hint Of Jealousy?

So its Sunday the 26th of December, its been a week tomorrow in this paradise, of pools, beaches, mojito’s, concoctions of rum, vodka and tequila cocktails and amazing people from all around the world, but what do old and/or ugly Russians have in common here in Bali?

Hot ass babes! which many of you would immediately think “ahh gold diggers”, but a newly made friend of mine has made me think otherwise, these women seem to lack a ring on the finger, and only seem to be with their counter parts in the night… partners? escorts? hookers? Who knows? But damn, I’m jealous.

The bad news, they don’t share hookers, JUST KIDDING! I’m not THAT depraved and degrading, but the hotel I’m staying at seems to be a major couples retreat, for the snobby and of course Russians. I have to say it was a lonely place, Until my buddy Gilly gay boy decided to turn up, just kidding he’s all about the vagina, he was my wing man, and last night on the prowl for some fun when we both came to the conclusion that we’ve never had the “courtesy or company” of an Asian, and as if it was the work of the sex gods, we happen to bump into some lovely Asian girls, who happen to take interest, and even though our language skills in mandarin lacked significantly, i coped well, but unfortunately for Gilly, the night ended in disaster, rushing into a particular situation, he was Literally “lost in translation”, as she was screaming in a completely different language, as well as the lack of “room”. But i have to say, besides the continuous complaining, from Gilly, as well as his soon to be repressed memories of that night, i think on the inside he enjoyed it. Too bad when we said, we’ve never been with hot Brazilian bikini models, the situation never arose.

Yours the jealous one

Alexander Vince

P.S Feel free to comment down below on anything you would like to highlight either because it offends you or tickles your fancy its your choice, brutal truth, don’t worry i have rock hard skin, in one place.

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6 thoughts on “A Hint Of Jealousy?

  1. FriFri on said:

    OK so you can actually write:P But I am just wondering, you wrote a lot about your half gay friend Gilly’s night… I think readers would be much more interested in how your Asian night ended up, or not end up.:P
    And btw yes your are that depraved and degrading!:P

    • hahaha well it ended up well i assure you, people seem to love the suffering or embarresment of other people, instead of hearing of some guy getting with every girl i just seems to egocentric of me to keep talking about that. Wouldn’t you get bored of some guy talking about succesful one night stands? so i mix it up, tomorrow ill even let readers know about my unsuccesful attempts. 🙂

  2. LLJJMMR on said:

    bahahah oh alex never knew u were so good at writing ayyy sorry for posting late hahaha 🙂 unsuccselful attempts? naaaw alex switch 2 gusy then hahahaha

  3. elle mcdonald on said:

    your an interesting man Alexander . not as interesting as me !!! haaaaa . but your good with words and i want you to write a blog about me ! =) lol .

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